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Wild & Natural Whole Food Nutritional Herbs
from the Amazon Rainforest

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Peruvian Shaman discusses
herbs with John Easterling

Whole Food Wild Crafted Herbs
Natural Herb Supplements from the Amazon Medicine Men

    Handpicked and sustainably harvested by the indigenous people of the Amazon, our medicinal herbal supplements are filled with rich essential vital plant nutrients. Information on traditional uses of herbal remedies, herb drug interactions, using herbs for competitive sports training, doctor recommendations and scientific studies.
More herbal remedies, herbs for children & pets, recipes

eco-harvested in the Amazon
Spagyric Processing for highest potency - No Preservatives

Try our formulas for:

New Camu Gold!
The benefits of Camu Camu in a concentrated liquid...

     Instead of reaching for a coffee, an energy soda, or one of those “energy shots,” reach for a different one-ounce bottle. The liquid inside tastes a bit like sour candy, but just a few drops delivers all the energy you need to start your day or keep it running smooth...but there's also much more...  More on Camu Gold.

Camu Gold

Adventurer and eco-entrepreneur John Easterling along with his wife Olivia Newton-John Easterling invite you to look at their Amazon business model of wealth and contribution.

 Amazon Tribe
Is the timing right for you to get on board with a unique business?

    Take a look at what we're doing - together we are making a positive impact on Amazon rainforest preservation, while improving our finances and health.  Preview what we are doing to see if this business is the right 'fit' for you.  Click here. 

June, 2011: Amazon Herb Company Wins the Direct Selling
Association (DSA) Centennial "Vision for Tomorrow" Award

Camu Camu
The Highest Concentration of Naturally Occurring Vitamin C

     Camu Camu (Myrciaria dubia) is a small tree that thrives in lush Rainforest soil enriched by the flood-waters of the Amazon basin. The fruit of the Camu Camu is the world’s most concentrated source of naturally occurring vitamin C.
More on our Camu Camu Powder.

Two yellow and red Camu Camu berries growing on twig with a couple of green leaves.  Berries are 1" diameter.
Camu Camu berry, with 335 
active healthy compounds.

Two round root bulbs of Maca, light tan color, with bright leafy tops, sitting on rich dark earth.





Maca, a tuber from the
highlands, great for energy.

 Amazon Power Shake
Unleash Your Inner Power with Raw Wild Energy Food!

    This ecologically-collected power food from the Amazon synergistically blends five Rainforest botanicals traditionally used to increase libido, stamina, strength and endurance.  Contains Maca, Suma, Muira Puama, Chuchuhuasi, Kiwicha which combined increases energy, endurance, builds muscle tone and supports the hormonal balance. Read testimonials on weight loss, more energy and alertness with the Amazon Power Shake. 
More on Amazon Power Shake

Organic "Feel Good" Healthy
All Rainforest (no filler juice)
No Preservatives

     You won't find a better tasting, better feeling organic beverage than ZAMU.  Containing the Amazon "feel good fruit" Camu Camu for mood elevation, Acai berry for anti-oxidants, Cacao for cardio-vascular support, Cinnamon for improved memory, Pineapple for joint health, Mango for beta carotene and Sangre de Drago for anti-aging.
More on our Certified Organic Healthy, Feel Good Beverage. 

View our Zamu Showcase featuring founder John Easterling and his lovely wife Olivia Newton-John Easterling by clicking here.

Heart shaped dark green Sangre de drago leaf on top of red-brown cut wood.




Sangre de Drago leaf

Concentrated Liquid Nutrition Capsules
Feel the Immediate Benefit of Concentrated Nutrition Formulas

    NEW!  We took our vitamin and mineral rich spagyric processed herbal formulas, concentrated the liquid and encapsulated it.  These alcohol-free herbal formulas are quickly absorbed into the blood stream, giving you vitality, energy and balance.  This is the most powerful products we have ever produced!
    More on our super-concentrated liquid herbal nutrition capsules.

Natural Skin Care
Health & Beauty Products from the Amazon - no chemical, no preservatives!

     For the first time in the history of skin care, rainforest botanicals have been specifically and naturally formulated for skin care.  Our products contain no chemicals, only pure botanicals that gently cleanse and nourish your skin to leave your skin soft and supple, vibrant and glowing.
More on our Natural Skin Care Beauty Products

Face of beautiful dark haired woman lifted up  with eyes closed and rain drops hitting face.

Natural Supplements and Radiation:

Dr. Innes' Recommendations for Protecting Yourself
Click here

Kelp and the Fallout Zone: Natural Foods Stores in Western USA Sold Out of Radiation-Fighting Supplements

     At Natural Grocers in nearby Longmont, CO, they were sold out of all kelp and much of their green foods supplements. I spoke with nutritionists in the store, and also with a fellow informed citizen who was shopping for supplements to help protect his teenage son from the risks of radiation fallout... read more

Rainforest Partners
A Mission to Help Preserve the Amazon Rain Forest

    Our eco-sustainable commerce with indigenous communities has provided them with new means to preserve their land and culture and the ability to fight logging companies.  Find out about organizations that are working to save the plants and animals of the rain forest and why the rain forest is so important. Learn how you can join us. 
More Amazon rain forest facts, people, plants, crafts

Partial view of head of small, dark haired child peering through dried palm fronds.

Enjoy "An Afternoon in the Amazon"
See a presentation on the challenges in the Ecuadorian Amazon.  Enjoy the educational slides of the jungle, Sumak Allpa island reserve and jungle school. Learn the current situation of the endangered rain forests of Ecuador. 
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