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Cleanse, Detoxify, Revitalize! Feel & Look Younger!

  • Immune boosting formula
  • 100% Herbal Blend - Caffeine free
  • Gentle energizer

     Our master blend of Rainforest Treasure Tea tastes delicious and is extremely effective in promoting overall health, energy, immune strength and regeneration.

     With our wild-harvested rainforest herbs we produce a subtle blend of flavors that you will look forward to enjoying every time you brew yourself a cup of Rainforest Tea. The delicate aroma and flavor will invigorate your senses while strengthening your body and mind. You'll enjoy drinking our Rainforest Treasure Tea as much as you enjoy the benefits it provides. It's prepared with all natural herbs and contains no caffeine. The health benefits that people experience are what make this tea such a treasure.

     Rainforest Treasure Tea contains Chanca Piedra, also called Quebra Pedra, which literally means “stone breaker.” In the Amazon jungle indigenous people have used Chanca Piedra for ages to help eliminate excess calculi formation. It works by relaxing the smooth muscles around the ureter and bile duct, easing the release of stones.

     Chanca Piedra is also a tonic for the digestive system and is effective at creating an intestinal environment unfavorable for intestinal parasites. In India, Chanca Piedra is called Budhatri and is used for treatment of various conditions of the lung and airways.

     Rainforest Treasure Tea contains Jatoba, an Amazon plant known to support digestive and pulmonary health. Jatoba is especially known for its overall strengthening properties. In the jungle it is used to make a wine that workers drink to support long hours of hard work.
     Used for centuries by the people of Amazonia, Uña de Gato is recognized as one of the most important botanicals in the rainforest for its antioxidant properties and for its wide range of health benefits. It is also known to help maintain blood pressure in a healthy range and stimulate the immune system (increase macrophage activity).
Because of its numerous health benefits, Uña de Gato is one of the most widely recognized plants of the rainforest. The name “cat’s claw” comes from the claw-shaped thorn beneath the leaves.

     Chuchuhuasi has a long history of use for aching muscles and joints, and for back pain. Chuchuhuasi means “trembling back.” It soothes aching muscles by helping them relax. The leaves of the Chuchuhuasi Tree are also used by indigenous people as a general tonic, for adrenal support, and to balance and regulate menstrual periods.

A full three grams of Rainforest herbs go into each unbleached teabag, that’s why each teabag will provide you with 2-3 cups of brewed tea, depending on the strength you prefer.

TIPS:  When preparing your Rainforest Treasure Tea, after bringing your water to a boil, simmer the tea for 10 - 15 minutes. This will release the medicinal properties of the herbs and yield a richer, more delicious tea.  For delicious iced tea, prepare as above, then pour over ice or refrigerate.

Ingredients: Tahari, Chanca Piedra, Stevia, and Chuchuhuasi, as well as strong concentrates of Jatoba and Uña de Gato.

What Others are Saying About
Rainforest Treasure Tea:

     "I've only been on the Amazon Herb products for five days and can't believe how much better I feel already. I've had a terrible time giving up diet soda but now that I'm drinking Rainforest Treasure Tea it's been easy. In fact, sodas don't even taste good anymore. Thanks Rainforest."
      - Julie Antonelli, Orlando, FL

    "Thank You for making Rainforest Treasure Tea available. Without it, it is doubtful I could function many times. When going to work (especially with being stressed out and exhausted) and knowing I will be having a cup of the tea, I know it will be okay because it gives one the energy to cope along with a general good feeling inside."
     - Marie Kroupa, Killingworth, CT

    "The Herbs seemed to clear my mind. I noticed an improvement in my test-taking ability."
    - C. Cummings, Lisle, IL

    "I was diagnosed with Hep C geniotype A. My liver count was ALT 3,130. Normal is 0 - 54. My Ack/phos was double what it should be. I started drinking 3 bags of Amazon Herb Treasure Tea throughout the day. I also went on an all organic diet and did some alternative healing therapies. Within 2 months all my counts were back to normal except my ALT which was ‘a little high.’ In addition, I passed gallstones and/or kidney stones - which is great.

     "I am grateful for the Treasure Tea and now I use the Pure Camu too and it really feels good."
     - S. Walters

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