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Recover Faster and Promote Healthy Joint and Muscle Function

  • Reduces formation of oxidative compounds
  • Helps promote recovery from physical exertion and muscle soreness
  • Assists healthy inflammatory response

     Tayuya has been historically used in Brazil by Indigenous people to relieve pain and swelling, as well as for the regulation of metabolism. It is employed in athletic training to support recovery and to help remove lactic acid accumulation. It also helps relieve emotional fatigue and the “blues”.

     Sarsaparilla has been used in South America and in Europe after the Spanish Conquest as a general tonic, a blood purifier and a diuretic. Because of its ability to purify the the blood, sarsaparilla has been widely used to promote overall health in a wide variety of conditions.

     Dong Quai has been used for ages in China, Korea, and Japan as an overall strengthening plant that supports the whole body. It is especially known to help purify the blood and stimulate blood circulation. For this reason it has been traditionally recommended for women.

     Manaca is a blood purifier and helps remove excess body fluid. In the rainforest it is used after snakebite and other types of poisoning The root of Manaca is said to stimulate the lymphatic system which substantiates its use in regeneration after physical exertion. Manaca is also known to normalize inflammatory process.

     Iporuru has been used as a wine for aching muscles after exertion. It is well known to the indigenous peoples of Peru for soothing aching joints and improving flexibility in movement and range of motion. Iporuru is becoming popular with American athletes for its ability to support muscle and joint structure. Indigenous people have used Iporuru for recover after battle and hard work.*

Ingredients: Dong Quai, Samambaia, Sarsaparilla, Red Tangerine Peel, Aquilaria, Safflower, Manaca, Peach Kernel, Dalergia Wood, Bitter Orange, Tayuya, Iporuru, Uña de Gato.

What Others are Saying About Recovazon:

     "As an athlete, I respect the power of Recovazon. Using it cuts down my recovery time after competitions and strenuous workouts. Recovazon Topical Gel is so easy to use and feels great. It helps keep me on top of my game!"
      - Autumn Johnson
        Ironman Hawaii 1997 & 2002, Kona HI

     "Even with double workouts, the next day I feel completely 100% recovered. No soreness or stiffness. Recovazon is pretty amazing stuff."
      - Jennifer Davidson
        Olympic Trials Qualified Cyclist

     "We put a couple of drops of Recovazon on my grandson's gums for his teething and he just loves it, and it helps the pain also."
     - Eleanor Haspel-Portner MD
        Pacific Palisades, CA

     "The Recovazon helps me when I work out really hard. My muscles used to hurt after these tough workouts, now when I take the Recovazon, I recover right away - no pain!
      "When I broke my foot, the Recovazon helped me recover in just two weeks.
      "Usually around 2:00 in the afternoon I'm dead tired. Now that I'm taking the Power Shake daily, I still have great energy throughout the whole day. And the Power Shake doesn't keep me awake at night like drinking coffee did. I combined the Power Shake with the Pure Camu when I work out, and it gives me lots of energy."
       -  Marsha Vallee, Florida

       "My wife Pam inadvertently placed her hand on a hot stove burner just before church this morning. She kept it on ice during church but was in pain and her hand began to blister. It occurred to me that I should have used Recovazon. As soon as we got home we applied Recovazon. By late afternoon her pain was gone and her hand almost blister free!"
       - John Szydlowski
         Lakeland, FL

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Una de Gato leaf.  You can see the thorns that look like a cat's nail - hence the nickname Cat's Claw

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