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  • Promotes a Natural State of Well-Being
  • Provides Beneficial Anti-Aging Compounds
  • Nutrition for Healthy Skin, Hair and Nails

     Refreshing ZAMU delivers a uniquely balanced chemistry of naturally occurring nutrients found in organic camu camu, organic açai, organic cacao, organic pineapple, organic mango, organic cinnamon and organic sangre de drago – pure, Rainforest ingredients at their finest.

     The Rainforest phytonutrients in ZAMU have been scientifically recognized for their beneficial properties (click here for scientific review materials).

Now, for the first time, the organic camu camu berry and select organic Rainforest botanicals have been brought together in an organically certified blend specifically formulated to promote a natural state of well-being.*

The secret behind ZAMU is the synergy of all Rainforest ingredients featuring camu camu – the exciting Amazon 'feel good' fruit. Sustainably harvested in the Rainforest, the camu camu berry and other ingredients in ZAMU™ are scientifically recognized for their beneficial properties.

With every delicious sip of ZAMU you are flooding your body with life-enhancing nutrients that support a positive life experience. 

More on the Camu Camu berry.

Our Organic Ingredients:

Camu camu fruit is nature's most concentrated source of immune-boosting vitamin C, a proven free-radical scavenger. Our camu camu trees grow on the nutrient rich soil of the Amazon flood plains, packing the fruit with a rich, balanced profile of unique, vital nutrients not available from any other source. In addition to its superior antioxidant nature, the benefits include:

  • Emotional Stability and Mood Enhancement *
  • Anti-Aging and Cardiovascular Health *
  • Nutrition for Healthy Skin, Hair and Nails *

Learn more about Camu Camu here.

AÇAI - The antioxidant activity of AÇAI has received well deserved attention for its contribution to overall good health.  more on AÇAI

CACAO - Researchers have discovered that flavonol-rich CACAO increases blood flow to the brain. Cacao is recognized for its antioxidant and mood enhancing properties. Learn more about Cacao here.

CINNAMON - In clinical studies, Cinnamon has been shown to help maintain healthy glucose levels. Further research suggests that cinnamon may enhance cognitive brain function.  more on Cinnamon

PINEAPPLE - Research documents that bromelain extracted from the PINEAPPLE plant has shown anti-inflammatory activity and may help with common joint discomfort.

MANGO - Studies show that long-term beta carotene supplementation has a significant result on memory. Mangoes are a natural source of beta carotene.

SANGRE DE DRAGO - The high content of proanthocyanidins in Sangre de Drago promote natural anti-aging processes in the body. Learn more about Sangre de Drago here.

Refreshing ZAMU delivers a uniquely balanced chemistry of naturally occurring nutrients found in organic camu camu, organic açai, organic cacao, organic pineapple, organic mango, organic cinnamon and sangre de drago – pure, Rainforest ingredients at their finest.

    Tip:  Drink two ounces, morning and afternoon, for a "feel good" experience all day long...!

To read what Health Ranger
Mike Adams
has to say about
click here.

To read what Dr. James Duke says about Camu Camu,
click here.

What Doctors & Customers are Saying About Zamu:

   “My testing shows ZAMU™ to work better for my patients than all other juice-based products on the market. Plus, it tastes great. I'm adding this to my patient supplement programs.”

- Dr. James Hawver, NMD
   Bremen, GA

     "Zamu is great. So far, I have noticed that I have a lot more energy and a sunnier attitude when I drink Zamu. When I have two ounces of Zamu first thing in the morning, and then, sip on Rainforest Treasure and Matte Tea (I like to use one tea bag of each) throughout the day, I feel wonderful. I started doing this when I was getting up at 5 am for a job, so it really works! I've given up coffee and instead reach for Zamu!
      - Holly Troy
         Flagstaff, AZ
     “This is a brilliant synergistic blend that maximizes the powerful health benefits of camu. I personally felt my energy renewed by ZAMU™, even after pushing hard for several weeks. I see it as a valuable health supplement.”
     - Dr. Ann Shippy, MD
       Austin, TX

      "My husband Tom and I are enjoying Zamu. I’ve been alternating drinking mine before or after work, and sometimes bringing it along in a small container and having it for a mid-morning snack. It always brings me joy and energy. What I really notice is that my fingers usually show signs of dehydration, especially at the office. They look pruney, like when one has been in the bath too long. When I drink Zamu, after an hour or so, my fingers look plump and hydrated. Is that amazing or what? This stuff has to have something that I need for that to happen. Has anyone else reported that, I wonder?

      "I also notice that my eyes don’t feel as dried out, and that is also notable as I have scratched corneas in both eyes, causing long-term drying and damage, so that I need to use drops frequently. With Zamu, my eyes feel less tired and dry. I really like that. Thank you!"
      - Maxine Pegors Ilika
         Minneapolis, MN
     “I consider the ancient chemistry of Amazon Herb products essential for today’s challenges. My patients love them. People even comment how my own body appears noticeably younger.”
   - Dr. Keefa Weatherspoon, ND
     Detroit, MI

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Cardiovascular Health
Emotional Well-Being

Enhanced Moods
Increased Emotional Stability
Greater Sense of Confidence

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