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Sangre de Drago
How to Use Sangre de Drago for your Pets            click for more Herbs for Pets information

Sangre de Drago

Your Herbal First Aid Kit
Use Directions

Cuts and Scrapes Apply topically to cleaned wound to staunch bleeding, seal the wound and prevent scar tissue. The sap dries quickly and forms a barrier, much like a "second skin." Reduces healing time, prevents itching and infection. When applied to infected wounds Sangre helps kill bacteria and promote drainage. If possible, clean and dry wound prior to application. If this is not possible apply Sangre de Drago directly to wound and clean later after pain levels have reduced.

Tooth Tartar
and Gum Disease
Softens tooth tartar and promotes healthy gums in pets. Rub Sangre de Drago topically on teeth and gums twice a day for 7 days or until tartar has softened and gum redness has disappeared. When used along with feeding raw meaty bones or light tooth brushing softened tarter often disappears within 4 - 6 days.

Allergies and
Eases itching, pain, discomfort, swelling, and redness associated with wasps, fire ants, mosquitoes, bees, cuts, abrasions, and allergic plant reactions (poison ivy and others). Apply topically to cover the affected area.

Scar Tissue and
Skin Blemishes
Use topically twice a day to stimulate circulation and cellular repair. As tissue begins to change, stimulate by scrubbing with wash cloth or soft brush, dry area and re-apply. The older the scar tissue the longer this process may take.

Pain Relief Reduces pain sensation by blocking the activation of nerve fibers that relay pain signals to the brain as well as blocking the tissue response to a chemical released by nerves that promotes inflammation.

Use topically on painful wounds or give 3 - 10 drops internally in tepid water for digestive pain. Coat gums for mouth pain due to toothache or gum infection.

Nail Trimming Apply topically to nails to stop bleeding and seal the end of the nail and prevent infection.

Diarrhea Give 3 to 10 drops in tepid water to help control diarrhea and lower digestive track pain levels. Can be given hourly until symptoms subside. Can be mixed with liquid probiotics to assist with digestive health.

Thanks to Kay Aubrey-Chimene of Grand Adventures Ranch for compiling this wonder first aid material.

Thanks, Kay, for these great testimonials!

Dr. James E. Williams, O.M.D., sums up Sangre de Drago's many uses by natural health practitioners, stating -
"There is a wide range of potential applications for Sangre de Drago, including as a broadspectrum anti-diarrheal agent from causes such as side effects of drugs, chemotherapy or radiation treatment, microbial infections of the intestine, traveler's diarrhea, and viral-induced diarrhea as in AIDS. It may also have other uses in gastrointestinal disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome and ulcerative diseases. Its cytotoxic effects make it a possible antitumor agent and its cicatrizant properties provide wound-healing potential. In addition, the antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects of Sangre de Drago make it a useful compound in the clinical treatment of chronic viral diseases and as a natural antibacterial agent."

10/24/03 - Hi Kay, I told you I'd write to you about the success I had with the enzyme stuff for my dogs teeth. I put a drop on my finger and rubbed it on Muffie's teeth. I used 3 drops or so on each side of her mouth. I did this routine for 6 days, twice a day. After 2 days I saw that the product was dissolving the tarter. It did not totally remove the tarter by itself, but it softened it so nicely that I was able to brush it off to a great extent. The areas that didn't brush off had softened so that I could use a dental pick to scrape off the remaining tarter. I gave the product to a friend who is going to use it on her dog, and will do so this week. Then I'll get the product off to my sister for a trial on her dog. Susan McAllister


Dear Kay,
Thank you for introducing the Amazon Herb products to my practice. I truly believe that all of these pure botanicals from the virgin soils of the Amazon rainforest are some of the greatest gifts we have yet to receive in our collection of natural healing sources. Sangre de Drago has proven itself over and over in my practice and with myself, personally, to be a miraculously effective healing agent.  I used this wondrous herb on myself just after I lacerated my thigh with a chainsaw. It was a very
deep and long laceration. I cleaned it with regular ivory soap, dried it off, then applied pure Sangre de Drago ONCE and let it heal. It stopped bleeding in minutes and the pain was gone inside an hour. Within an hour, it was completely sealed and when the scab fell off, I had little to no visible scar.

Sangre de Drago (blood of the dragon), named after it's look of blood, being pure sap from the tree itself in the Amazon jungle, is 95% pure antioxidant. This empowers the body to be able to work miracles within itself. I use this to help animals to reverse their gums of gum disease; clean tartar off the teeth within days; heal deep cuts, lacerations and bites; regenerate new tissue in areas that have atrophied to the point of being gangrenous and apply it prior to suturing on all surgical sites.

Sangre de Drago is an effective and pure agent with endless uses in the healing arts. I highly recommend this product, use it in my practice daily and encourage all those working with, owning and loving their animals to have it on-hand in their First Aid kit at home.

Very sincerely yours,
Randy McMillan, D.V.M.

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